about me


My name is  Nadria Taylor and I am a  Licensed Cosmetologist (specializing in hair, makeup, and skincare) and a Beauty Blogger.  
A love for simplicity in beauty and fashion, my style can be described as naturalistic, modish, and uplifting.


I specialize in natural looks; looks consisting or not consisting of colors, professional or glamorous looks, hair with or without extensions, and so on. I use all types of makeup, hair, and skincare products to create modishly, naturalistic looks. 

All in all, 

I love all things hair, beauty, and fashion so that is what my blog is all about. 
My mission is to inspire both women and men to be fearless and to be comfortable. Beauty is about having a physical ease and happiness in your own skin. 
Hope you enjoy and thanks so much for being here.

Get to know me forreal......keep on scolling:)


25 facts about me

  1. I love the simple things in life; naturalist/ simple makeup; modishly simple clothes; neutral hair that can be worn in any occasion.
  2. Jamaican and Black American
  3. My initials spells NOT...
  4. I'm obsess with Popcaan. 
  5. Love love Love Soul Music and Reggae.....that's all I listen to
  6. I hate when someone ask me what I like to do...idk dude!
  7. Water calms me down and take away the negativity
  8. I love showering (like back to back) because it's during that time I self -reflect or cry if I need to
  9. My biggest fear is failure; I am working on that:-)
  10. I love my struggles and mistakes (it shaped me into a diamond baaaabbbyyyy!!!!)
  11. My love for hair, fashion, and makeup started my first week in middle school. After high school, I still went to college, but decided I wanted to go for my own passion 5 years later.
  12. I am very good at assessing my actions, bad habits, and wrong doings. This is because of the arguments with my sisters and breakups with ex- boyfriends. 
  13. You may hear me talk about my breakups but a lot, but that's where most of my self growth stimulated from. 
  14. Give me plantains and fried beans and I will forever be good to you...:-)
  15.  I am obsess with my birthday date...July 8th
  16. I love shopping. It's my therapy.
  17. I care about what other people think of me for 2 minutes, then when that two minutes is up....listen....idgaf...."if no one is judging you than you are doing something wrong".....ayeeeee!!!!
  18. I am constantly thinking of styles and looks in my head.
  19.  All new clothes I buy, I place it in this big tote. I only go to this tote when I am going somewhere nice. 
  20. I am not into sneakers!
  21. If you cross me once, that's it! Disrespect me once, that's it! No coming back...sound harsh but, life goes on.
  22. On the other hand, I am very nice and have a great personality. It's hard for me to be mean...I don't know how to be mean
  23. I am obsess with monkeys. With this new technology these day, can I get artificially inseminated and birth a monkey......
  24.  One day my brand will spread throughout the beauty industry. 
  25. I love learning.

Have any questions, feel free to message me!