about me

My name is Β Nadria Taylor and I am a Β Licensed Cosmetologist (specializing in hair, makeup,Β and skincare) and a Beauty Blogger.Β Β 
A love for simplicity in beauty and fashion, my style can be described as naturalistic, modish, and uplifting.


I specialize in natural looks;Β looks consisting or not consisting of colors, professional or glamorous looks, hair with or without extensions, and so on. I use all types of makeup, hair, and skincare products to create modishly, naturalistic looks.Β 

All in all,Β 

I love all things hair, beauty, and fashion so that is what my blog is all about.Β 
My mission is to inspire both women and men to be fearless and to be comfortable. Beauty is about having a physical ease and happiness in your own skin.Β 
Hope you enjoy and thanks so much for being here.

Have any questions, feel free to message me !Β