6 Steps to Roller Setting Natural Hair


1. Use a good moisturizing shampoo & conditioner.

Shampoo twice to remove build-up and cleanse scalp. Sulfate- Free.  Leave conditioner in for 5 mins to allow the hair to absorb moisture. 

2. Moisturize the hair with products remembering not to use too much oil base products. Using oil will keep the hair from setting. Also, use a setting lotion to set the hair in place. 

My favorite products to use before roller setting the hair are:

Creme of Natures Mousse
Olive Oil Wrap/ Set Mousse
Motions Foaming Wrap Lotion
Paul Mitchell Texture Pomade

3. Start Roller Setting the hair

Over direct the hair for maximum volume. For medium volume, pull the hair 90 degrees from the scalp and for less volume, pull the hair below 90 degrees from the scalp.
Remember to stretch the hair as you roll in order create smoothness and eliminate as much frizz. 

Use different rod placements depending on the style you are going for.

4. Place client under dryer. 

Use a comfortable heat temperature. 
Do not overheat. Make sure to unravel a few to check for dryness. 

5. Time to unravel

Make sure the hair is completely cool down. Unravel gently. Do not pull.

6. Style the hair. Use a finishing spray. 

Use a light hold to a firm hold finishing spray.