Chasty Wig

Okay, so before I bought this wig, I did my research. I went on YouTube and read reviews from Amazon, the website where I purchased my wig. Now, I'm not into wigs at all. Well, I love u- part wigs because some of my hair shows. I always want my hair to look really natural and show some of my hair with any extensions. But, since I'm on a natural journey, I thought, why not try wearing wigs. I wanted to specifically find a synthetic wig because I don't like wearing the same hairstyle for a long period of time and of course it's way cheaper than human hair. Yeah, the cheapness was the main reason. But of course before, I use to buy human hair u- part wigs. I am also not the wig making kind of girl. From time to time, I would make a u-part wig but other than that, I'm not a wig maker. I am more of a cutting, curling, styling, installments on the human head type of girl.  

Moving on.....

After I made up my mind to purchase a wig, I went on YouTube to help me choose a wig. There was a lot of reviews on this particular wig called Chasty. I went on Amazon to find Chasty and her and I been best friends ever since. 

chasty wig   chasty wig   chasty wig

Want to know more...

Okay, well, this wig has a kinky, soft texture. The picture below is me today with the wig on. I had to do this post because I am so impress of how this wig is holding me down. I've been wearing the same synthetic wig unit for a month straight, everyday. No "this is not my party or chill wig". This wig is my "every day". 

All you have to do is pull the wig out the package and put it on. I did use a little concealer on the first day. That's it. You probably wouldn't need any. No tweezing and no need to make baby hairs. The wig comes looking natural. All you need is gel to smooth your edges down. 

No matting, not much shredding. I didn't use any product because I didn't want it to be caked with oils and stuff. Actually, this wig doesn't need any product, only a comb through each day.

A month later, I can still smoothly run my fingers through the wig. 

I didn't apply no heat. The curls remain in their pattern through the rain, fog, and humidity. 

This is what I do to preserve my Chasty wig

1. Come home
2. Take off wig and comb it through (not much combing at all)
3. Place wig on mannequin head and place hair net over it

Repeat everyday

Hope you weren't expecting a whole list. I promise you guys that's all I do to my wig. Yes, I do wear it for more than 12 hrs. a day, working hard and hanging out. 

When I wake up, I...

1. Put wig on
2. Smooth Edges
3. Wrap with scarf. After, I'm dress, I take scarf off. 
4. Because I can't live without bobby pins, I stick booby pins where ever, 

LADIES, I can't stress to y'all how amazing this synthetic wig is. This is the best wig ever.....*drops the mic* 

Yes. I purchased another one. I've been waiting to wear the second one, but the first is not letting me. It's still in great condition.

Yes. I purchased another one. I've been waiting to wear the second one, but the first is not letting me. It's still in great condition.

Click here for the link where I purchased my wig.  

FREE SHIPPING. I expedite it for only $4.99. 

I purchased the Chasty wig in a 1B.