Turn Up My Layers

My client and I used Paul Mitchell 9CB and 8A to tone down her blonde to get it a little to the cooler side. 

The point for today is blowing out the hair. 

For her blowout, we enhanced her layers and gave her volume hair. With my clients, I want to have their hair show that they "woke up like this". I love to create swirls, flips, volume, and control. My client's hair don't do so well in humidity and it's hard for her to make her blowouts last throughout the week. Therefore, I pulled out the Volume Mousse and Super Skinny by Paul Mitchell and applied it while the hair is damp. These two products together will hold her blowout will conditioning her hair and prepping her strands to remain voluminous. After applying the products, the hair must be pre- dry to lock in the moisture and get the hair to become one with the products applied to the hair. The method I used for her finishing style is over directing the hair for volume and round brushing upwards to portray her layers. 

Till next time...

Toast to Hair!