Curl Whorl

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I love my big curly wigs. Those are my go- to. That's the one hairstyle I can count on that will never fail me. And talk about the comments I get from everyone. I receive nice comments from others on how the hair looks amazing on me. I agree with them all. This hairstyle looks so natural on me. Because my hair is natural, it is so easy to blend my hair with it. Bobby pins help a lot in shaping the hair into a style, pinning down the hair, and blending in my natural hair. 

These curly wigs can be purchased from a local beauty supply store. I usually pay between $25- $40, depending on the style. Sometimes I may go for a half-wig and other times I may go for a full wig. I normally don't purchase a curly wig with a natural part because I would rather show my own part to make the whole look completely natural. I always go for a side part to give my volume and to have that look like i woke up like this and just flipped my hair to the side..or..that look like my "natural curls" found it's get the point. 

These wigs usually last for a month or more if you take really good care of it. I normally don't tease it on the first couple of days. Instead, I let if frizz out and loosen up on its own. I don't recommend putting any product on the hair. It's synthetic and already have that built in shine. You may have to take some scissors out every once in a while to get rid of the straggly pieces. 

But other than that, it's very simple. Put it on, twist to your desire, and stick some bobby pins in to to shape it. 

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