3 Simple & Quick Halloween Makeup Looks

A Dark Makeup Look

Halloween is the one and only holiday we can portray spookiness and darkness. One simple and quick Halloween makeup look is to wear dark makeup, especially around the eyes. I absolutely love this look because it allows my eyes to stand out and all the attention is directed towards my eyes. The dark makeup look with a splash of color on my eyelids and lips makes me look stunningly fierce; like a fierce superhero.


A Mask Makeup Look

You could never go wrong with a mask for Halloween. Honestly, this is the most simple and quick way to create a stunning Halloween makeup look. To create this look, make sure you have a full coverage base that is snatched; contoured, bronzed and highlighted. Then, pop on a dark color lip stick and your good to go!


A Halloween Color

A simple and quick way to create a Halloween look is to choose a color related to Halloween. Whatever color you choose whether it’s orange, black, purple, or brown, only use that one color and apply it all over your face for eyeshadow, to bronze, and on the lips.

Nadria TaylorComment