4 Steps to Get Dewy Skin

Let's get straight into it!

Step Number One: Exfoliate Your Skin Regularly.

  • The key to having healthy, glowy skin is to exfoliate regularly.Exfoliating gets rid of dullness and creates a smooth canvas. 

Step Number Two- Moisturize your skin.

  • Use illuminating moisturizers or moisturizers with an iridescent sheen. This will allow your skin to glow from within. I am using the bliss Ex- glow- sion, a super rich moisturizer for dewy, radiant skin. It keeps me away from putting on makeup because I love the way my skin looks with it. Also, to add on to getting a dewy skin, use hydrating primers to lock in moisturizers and keep the skin radiant. 

Step Number Three- Highlight with essential oils.

  • At the moment, and I am using 100% pure almond oil to highlight my face. I even use this oil with my foundation sometimes to create a dewy makeup look. Using oil gives a skin-like highlight.  

And Step Number Four- Drink Water!

  • Drinking water is the best way to get dewy skin. I've been drinking only water for 3 months now and my skin went from being dry all the time to having this vibrancy. I find that drinking lots of water plumps and hydrates your skin, keeping you from using less moisturizers.