5 Beauty Tips You Should Use On Valentines Day

Tender Love...

Hey Beauties, 
Valentines day is almost here! Can you believe it? Just a minute ago we were celebrating a joyous occasion. Now, we are weeks away from celebrating love and romance. I know most of you ladies are beginning to put ideas together of what you should wear or what make up look you should go for on Valentines Day. Valentines is just that day, in the beginning of the year, to help motivate you to uplift your beauty each and every day forward. Here is a list of beauty tips you should use to help elevate your  beauty this Valentines Day, look your best, and grasp your sweethearts attention. 


1. Natural Make up look

Ladies, pull out your nude lipsticks and natural color eye shadows. Elevate your glow by using shimmery bronzers and a pop of highlight. 



3. Cute, Sexy, Gorgeous

Wear sheer, lace, or nude on your date or wherever you decide to go on Valentines Day. Don't even hesitate to also wear something fitted to flatter your curves. 


5. Love Yourself First

The most sexiest think a woman or man can do is to genuinely love themselves. No one could ever take that love from you . Lots of people will come in and out of your life, but you will always remain. Also, loving yourself will attract others to love and respect you. Loving yourself attracts positive energy. 


2. Red, Gold, and Pink

Add these colors into your wardrobe and shoe collections. Red shows boldness, gold glows and uplifts you, and pink shows feminine, love, and tenderness


4. Celebrate You

Always make sure to celebrate and congratulate yourself on everything you have done and everything you are doing. Pamper and treat yourself to whatever you want. Your significant other will find so much beauty and sexiness from this.