5 Summer Makeup Tips | How to make your makeup last during the hot summer days


This summer, the heat came in full force, not giving a heck about anyone's hair or makeup. But, its okay. We are going to make sure summer gets the best of us. This summer it's all about wearing looks that are intact..... put that in a hashtag; (#looksintact).  So here are 5 summer makeup tips that will keep your looks intact.


1. Skip over the shimmers and the glitters

Shimmers can make you look shiny rather than looking radiant and make your skin appear super sweaty. If you can't live without the shimmers and I do know they can be tempting because they preciously sit in the palette looking so beautiful, use them lightly and avoid using them in your crease areas. Also, it's one or the other; shimmery eyes or shimmery lips.


2. Keep it bare. Don't placed moisturizers, foundations, and concealers that aren't oil- free on your eyelids before eye shadow. 

The hot, humid weather push forward the oils in non oil- free moisturizers, foundations, and concealers which causes your makeup to move around. I love applying eye shadow on my bare lids most of the time because colored eye shadows are suppose to fit and adjust to your skin tone/ complexion; blending simultaneously with the natural color you already have.  


3. Long- wear; straight to the point

Look for long-wear makeup products that will last all day. Products with long-wear properties tend to be water-resistant, sweat proof, and last 24 hours which is great during hot summer days. 
At the moment, I switch between the Becca Ultimate Coverage Foundation and the Fenty Pro Filt'r Foundation which both have the properties I listed (water- resistant- sweat proof, and last 24 hours). 


4. Set it and you won't fret it.

Set your makeup. Start out with a primer to keep foundation in tact. Using a setting spray to freeze makeup in place. Refrain from using to much powder over foundations because being in the sun will make the powder sink in to the foundation giving a cakey look. It's like sprinkling flour on top of a creamy batter.


5. Give your moisturizers, foundations, and concealers time to dry.

I allow my moisturizer and primers to completely dry down. I do the same with foundations, Using a damp beauty sponge is a good applicator to used because it keeps makeup intact and blends makeup smoothly into the skin. For concealers, I let it dry before blending it out. A great technique to use to keep concealers from creasing or caking. 

And these are the tips to making your makeup last during the summer time;)