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The Fountain Of Truth skincare line was created by Giuliana Rancic. She created this clean beauty skincare line to treat the appearance of fine lines, discoloration, and other skin issues.
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Fountain of Truth Honey Glow Mask

The Honey Glow Mask feels so amazing on the skin. I love how it warms up when massaged onto the face. The feeling is so relaxing and soothing, especially now that the weather is cooler. I thought because of it being a honey mask that is was going to be very sticky. I was so wrong. It's very creamy and manageable. It smells so good and a little goes a long way. I have oily-combination skin which can be a little problematic because I am prone to breaking out easily and having clogged pores. After rinsing the mask off, my skin felt a lot smoother, softer, and my pores wasn't as visible. After 24 hours, no new breakouts. The mask is also very hydrating. It also contains Turmeric (Root Powder) which is great for fighting acne, reducing wrinkles, and lightening blemishes. The Fountain of Truth Honey Glow Mask is honestly a great product to include in your skin care regime to maintain a youthful, clean, healthy skin. 

Fountain of Truth Overnight Repair Mask

The Overnight Repair Mask definitely controlled the my face oils. I woke with softer, smoother, and healthier skin. My skin looked so much brighter. It looked like I never went to sleep. I love how light and refreshing the smell is and a little goes a long way. The mask is very rich and creamy and will be great during the brutal cold weather that is starting to push through. 

Fountain of Truth Insta- Face Lift Elixir

Great for oily- combination skin. The Insta- Face Lift Elixir smoothed and plumped my skin throughout the day. It's a great moisturizer and is very gentle on the skin. The Elixir great under makeup because it keeps the shine down and keeps my makeup intact. I love how light and refreshing the smell is. 

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