A Day On The Beach

Wave Through Life

Walk. Feel the water. It's cold. Take a few more steps and the waves hit you, making you tremble or even bringing you down to your knees. Take some more steps and the waves just won't stop; splashing heavy against your body or knocking you down. In reality, they will not stop. So what do you do. You go with the flow of course. You jump when you need to, you take a few steps back for a little then proceed later, or you go to an area where the waves lift you up and smooth preciously by you. Just know that area is temporarily because the waves go with the flow of the earth therefore switching the pattern in which they flow. Life is a wave; a constant flow of things that you may or may not have any control over. These things may push you back, hit you hard, or lift you up smoothly. But, there's something that can be learned from everything that comes your way. Apply it, use it, and you'll be great at controlling all the waves that rushes to you in life. 

A Few Photos With My Sister



  • A two piece from H&M I purchased in 2015. First time wearing it was this year. 


  • Minimal Makeup Look
  • BECCA Ultimate Coverage Foundation in the shade Amber
  • Makeup Revolution Concealer shade C12
  • bH Cosmetics Contour Powder Palette to set and contour face

Loving My Black Kimono From MadRag


The BaldEagle (3).png