A Fall Eyeshadow Look | Box of Crayons Palette


The Crayon Case- Box of Crayons Palette


I was not expecting this you guys! This palette is phenomenally beautiful. I heard and seen so much rave over social media about this palette and had to see what’s really going on. And trust me, there’s a whole lot going on. A whole lot of beauty, sparkles, and colors.

Each time I open this palette, my eyes see sparkles all around it. This palette contains 18 Highly Pigmented, yes pigmented to max, radiant shades; 10 mattes and 8 shimmery shades.

You know how on the first day of school, you can’t wait to open up your fresh box of crayons and show off your coloring skill. That’s exactly how I felt when I received this palette. This palette reminds me of the good old elementary/ middle school days. Very youthful, innocent, fresh, and vibrant.

The Box of Crayons Palette fits my modishly naturalistic style. I love natural, settle looks. Therefore, I like for colors to sit and or melt on top of my skin complexion. These shades appeared true to color on my skin tone and blended out nicely. I didn’t experience any fall out.

Today I went for a fall look using mostly cooler shades. I can definitely see myself using this palette on any and every occasion. Palettes like this one with basic shades, can be use to create other hues or shades you may not have physically in front of you. For example, if I wanted a vibrant deep orange, I can mix red and yellow (2 reds and 1 yellow ratio). This is important for makeup artist, especially traveling makeup artist, to be able to create colors or shades of a particular color. I believe that’s the most important thing, besides placement, when becoming a make artist; learning how to deal with color.

Blog Post coming soon on color in the makeup world.

Anyways you guys, this palette is so bomb…… My look is bomb……You are bomb…..We all are freakin’ bomb. I recommend this palette to everyone, especially those who are making there way into the beauty/ makeup industry.

Till Next Post!

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