A Natural Pink Look | Katy Kat Lip Gloss | Dare To Soar Baked Blush

CoverGirl Katy Kat Lip Gloss ( Kitty Karma)
Wet n' Wild Baked Blush (Dare to Soar)

This modishly naturalistic look is super simple, upbeat, and vibrant. My cheeks and lips are the main focal points in this natural look. I did use eyeshadow on my bottom lash line to not draw so much attention to my eyes, but rather to accentuate them.

Let's start with the eyes...

For eyes, I used, an eyeshadow on my lids that matches closest to my skin complexion and undertone. I used the shade warm tan matte (Tan) from my Morphe 3502 palette
On my bottom lash, I went straight to my Zulu Palette from Juvias Place and first used the shade Matte Pecan, a reddish- brownish shade and then on top of that I used the Wet n' Wild Baked Blush in the shade Dare to Soar. Reason for that order is so that I can dim the vibrancy of the pink from the baked blush. 

Tips: Using a lighter shade on top of a darker shade tones/ dims down the lighter color therefore creating a more natural shade. 

For cheeks, I went straight in with the Wet n' Wild Baked Blush (Dare to Soar). I love the creaminess and pigmentation. It's so PRETTY on my skin complexion. This blush is very summery and "tropical". This baked blush, overall, gave me a glowy, polish look. 

Last, the lips. I am wearing the CoverGirl Katy Kat Lip Gloss in the shade Kitty Karma. I am absolutely obsess with this luxurious lip gloss because it's very creamy and a little goes a long way. It last forever and the constancy is thick enough that it covers and fills in all the chaps and cracks. Wearing this lip gloss made my lips look and feel well moisturized. You know how certain pinks can't be worn in all occasions because it be doing the most, well this pink lip gloss is different and can be worn in all occasions. 

I hope you guys enjoy this modishly naturalistic look!

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