A Natural Red Look | How To Naturally Blend In Color(s)


' ...Spicy Mami, Hot Tamale...'

I love it when colors sink into the skin giving a natural vibe or an "I was born like this" type of vibe. Colors to me should not just sit on the skin. It should blend flawlessly into your complexion to create a color from with in. The key tricks into doing this is to skip the concealer, or go lightly with it, and blend colors out until it penetrates into the skin. This goes for blushes, eye shadows, highlighters and anything that contain colors. The same way you treat your foundation and concealer routine is the same way you should/ can treat your colored eye shadows, bronzers, blushes and highlighers; blend them well to match your skin complexion. 

Today, I decided to use the color red and naturally blend it into my skin. This look makes it seem as though the red is apart of my skin complexion. I use my foundation as the base and blended out my red eye shadow and blush on top of it in order for the red to fit and adjust to my skin tone/ complexion.

Setting spray is also key when creating these looks because it brightens, blends, and melts the colors that you are using on your face into your skin. It's sort of like using a concealer before eye shadow to brighten up colors, but instead using a setting spray to bring forth the true pigmentation of your eye shadows, blushes, bronzers, and highlighters. 

I hope y'all like and see you in my next post!