Becca Ultimate Coverage Foundation Review| Skin- Like Finish| #modishlynaturalistic


If you want full benefits, call Becca. She will have the best coverage to fit all your needs. 

I finally found a foundation that phenomenally matches my skin complexion. This is my first time using Becca Cosmetics. After watching many influencers use the Becca Ultimate Coverage foundation, I gave in and purchased it. The freaking hype was so true! This foundation is my new obsession!

The Becca Ultimate Coverage Foundation is a full coverage foundation made for all skin types. My skin type is oily combination and it treats my skin so good. It is water- resistant (formula contains 22 percent water to adapt to skin) and last all day. Ask me how I know....I've been to a cookout with smoke from the grill all in my face and walked for hours downtown in the hot, humid weather. This foundation did not budge or moved around. Instead, it adapted to my skin and became apart of it. It's very lightweight and gives a skin like finish, or as Becca Cosmetics says' "..a second- skin finish,"

Now, I recommend to work in sections blending this foundation out. Once it dries, it's take much longer to evenly blend it out. It is indeed on the matte side. If you want more of a dewy finish, mix it with a drop of face oil or with your daily moisturizer. The Becca Ultimate Coverage foundation is overall amazing, feeling light on the skin and lasting all day. 

Look at how flawless the Becca Ultimate Coverage is on my skin!

I am in the shade Maple. 


I am so extra...


I had to post this. I wanted to be extra with this lip combo. I used the Maybelline Vivid Lip in the color Orange Obsession and the L'Oreal Infallible Lip Paint in the color Domineering Teal. 

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post. 

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