Dove Exfoliating Body Polish | Product Review

To be honest, I never used an exfoliating body polish. Now that I'm single and not mingling, I've been into trying new things to take care of my skin, body, and health. While shopping around in Target, I found this Dove Exfoliating Body Polish. Now, I love all things Dove. In fact, I mostly shower with Dove's body wash or beauty bar. Every once in a while, I may step out of my Dove relationship and dip into Olay when I want a new scent, but I always end up reverting back to Dove.

So, my thoughts. Can I just say that the smell is amazing! This particular one I picked up contains crushed macadamia and rice milk and these two ingredients makes it smell so milky and delicious. After using it, my skin felt soft and smooth. I could not stop rubbing all over my body. That's a good thing, now that I'm 'soltera'. 

Anyways, It's very gentle and helps reduce dryness on my feet and reduce razor bumps after shaving. It retails for $5.99 at Target and contains 10.5 oz. 

Not bad...

I must say, this is a great, affordable body exfoliator especially if you need some 'lovin' and rubbin'.

Just wanted to share a product I stumbled across. 

See you in the next post. 

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