Creating Your Professional Beauty Business Cards

Whether you are in the beauty industry or business world, business cards are a great representation of who you are and what you do. A business card introduce you in 5 seconds; giving your name, occupation, and contact information. 

The beauty industry is extremely crowed and setting yourself apart in the most quickest manner is the best way to grab clients or other businesses attention. That is why creating a unique business card is important because it really helps you out and take some of the pressure off in getting your name or brand out there in the beauty industry. 

So, how can you set yourself apart when creating your beauty business cards?
What information should you provide on your beauty business cards?

Here are a few tips to consider when creating your business cards.

1.  Put a picture of you or your brand logo on your beauty business cards. 

This will help your clients remember who you are and the impression you gave them when you first introduced yourself. In this day and age, people love to put a face with a name. It provides a some sense of trust and comfortableness. Make sure the picture is a clean head shot and represents your beauty style. Don't provide a picture with you wearing overly dramatic makeup, but you only specialize in settle, natural makeup applications. If you are providing a logo, also make sure it represents your beauty brand to set you apart. 

2. Make sure you choose a font that's clear and easy to read. 

Clients should be able to read and understand the information on your card. 

3. Fill up the card

If potential clients reads the front of your business card then turn over to the back and the back of the card is blank, they will quickly obtain a blankness in their head and loose what was written on the front. Also, it's more creative to have an all over designed business card. 

4. What's your beauty occupation?

List your beauty occupations. Be detailed (EX. Don't just  provide that you are a Cosmetologist. Also, list what your do as a Cosmetologist such as, MUA, COLORIST, HAIRCUTTER, e.t.c)

5. The best contact information/ business information/ social medias

Choose the best way you or your business can be contacted. Don't list all your social media accounts. Clients find it way more easier to have one or two to choose for quick access to brand/ business portfolio. Provide a website if applicable. 
Hashtags are also a great way to set yourself apart and can be easily remembered when someone wants to search for you or your business on social media. 

6. Choose a color scheme

I recommend to refrain from being colorful. The beauty industry is already colorful and crowded. Choose a color scheme that will catch potential client's attention and that can be remembered when they think of your name or business name. 

7. Getting Started

Here is a list of websites that will help you start creating your beauty business cards today:
I hope these tips will assist you in creating the perfect beauty business cards! 
Feel free to leave a comment or contact me if you have any questions. 

Till Next Post!