Crotchet Braiding Hair- Amazon

So guys, I purchased this hair off Amazon and to be honest, it's pretty awesome. 

I love the curly wand pattern, it gives a natural look. I have received so many compliments and on top of that I really be feeling myself with this hairstyle. 


So, what led me to this hairstyle? Well, it was time to switch up hair looks and I decided that I wanted to go for a half up half down style. Then, the question was how will I conquer the half up, half down style. I was thinking braids but didn't really want the stress on my hair since I got a relaxer not too long ago. So I then thought crotchets because it's a very unique protective style and easy to do and manage. So, I went for that. 

As I mention earlier, I bought the hair off Amazon; fast shipping thanks to Amazon Prime;).  It is the 8 inch black wand curly crotchet braiding hair from the Jamaican Bounce Collection by Ali Sally. I purchased three 8 inch packs for $20.59. The hair is very soft and lightweight. I had a little trouble installing the hair because it wasn't separated at the top of the hair twist stand, nor had a loop for easy installation. So with that being said, it wasn't a neat installment and I lost some of the braiding hair along the way. On the leading days, I had to cut out the messy strands and pull out the loose hairs (that came from not being able to easily separate the hair before installing it). The hair strands are not closely pack tight together. It reminds me of regular braiding hair when you first take it out the pack and begin to separate it. It will irritate some but, it didn't bother me. I got what I paid for and the hair is synthetic and very soft. My overall plan was to install the hair and separate it and...well... that would have been very messy because the hair will matte very quickly and loose strands will be everywhere. To achieve the half up, half down look, I took some hair in the middle front area. It's not really a full half up and half down style. Playing around with the hair,  I though it looked good with some hair down on the sides. To keep the hair up, I used.....well guess.....and if you said a scrunchy or rubber band, you guessed wrong. I used bobby pins of course. I used bobby pins to create a blended look, no gap between the hair that's up and the hair that's down. So it looks like the hair in the middle part of my head is pushed back instead of tied up. You feel me? 

To maintain it, I twist the hair in big chunks to keep the hair in its curl pattern and from frizzing up while I get my beauty rest. Before twisting it, I pull my hands through the hair a few time to release any tangles or loose hair. I wouldn't recommend small twist because one, it will take forever to take out in the morning or whenever you decide to get yourself together and two, it will create more tangles and loose the curl pattern. 

Well that all my views on this hair. I will purchase this hair again.


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