Spring Full Coverage Makeup Look | Natural | Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation


I used :

- Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation (Amber)
- Maybelline Fit Me Concealer (400 Caramel)
- Black Radiance Contour Palette (Medium to Dark)

- The Nubian 2 Palette (Jezebel)
- NYX Lip Lingerie  (Teddy)
- Cover Girl Ebony Bronzer
-L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara
- Smashbox Primer Water  



Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation: Full Coverage Foundation


So, quick story on how I came across the Clinique Beyond Perfect Foundation

I was on a journey to finding a great foundation that's not too pricey and will get the job done, I went from L'Oreal to Maybelline to Revlon to NYX. They are all great but, my dry skin was definitely showing thorough these foundations and the foundations were not giving me the coverage I wanted. So, one day I decided to stop by Macy's to find a great foundation. I came across a few EXPENSIVE foundations and I also came across a few that were right around my price line. I gravitated towards Clinique because a long time ago, I use to purchase this compact foundation from them. I loved it so much, but, the product was discontinued. But, the crazy awesome thing about this "finding an inexpensive foundation" adventure is I purchased Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation+ Concealer without even firsthand knowing the price. I loved the feel of it, the coverage, and how well it matched my skin tone. When the consultant matched my shade and talked to me about the benefits of the foundation, I quickly told her I'll take it. My boyfriend whispered over to me "How much is it?", while she was bagging up the foundation. I gave him an "oh crap" face. Surprisingly, she said my total was $28.... FAB!

Walked out the store like I was the luckiest chick in the world; couldn't tell me nothing. Ha!

The Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation+ Concealer is a moisturizing foundation that is awesome for all skin types. Currently, I have oily combination skin. I also use this as a concealer when I don't feel like wearing foundation. I place this foundation+ concealer only on my dark spots, which is mainly around my chin area, and blend it out with a damp sponge. Some days, I place it underneath my eyes, but if I just want to go for a natural, bare face look, I only conceal the dark spots. 

And, it's so true! A little goes a long way. When I first use it, I thought I was using a very little, but turned out to be way too much. So, if you feel like you placed very little on your face, just know that you placed too much. I only place about 3-4 light sweeps on my face (forehead, chin, and cheeks). Depending on your coverage, build on to that. But, trust when I say a little takes care of you. 

The coverage is so beautiful. It gives a natural, slightly matte finish. It last all day and I found that I didn't need to retouch at all. It does not move around my face or cling on to my texture spots. 

Tip: The best way to apply this foundation is with a damp sponge because it helps press the foundation into the skin giving your skin a flawless, natural skin-like finish. Using a sponge will minimize this full coverage foundation from looking cakey. 


What I love most about the Foundation+ Concealer.

  • The "Magic Wand"- a great applicator; better than using a pump

  • The coverage- It's a full coverage foundation and feels lightweight. So lightweight that I sometimes forget that I'm wearing foundation or concealer. 
  • The bottle with the silver cap
  • The price: $28; Now $29
  • Does not cause my sensitive skin to breakout.

Hope you all enjoy my little spill on the Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation+ Concealer. 

If you tried or are using this product, comment down below your views on it.