A Dripped Makeup Look| Cargo Cosmetics | Getaway Eye Shadow Palette

Came through drippin'....drip drip....

Ya'll, I came through drippin' on this makeup look. But, let's first look at that eyeshadow look. 

I used the Cargo Cosmetics Getaway Eye shadow Palette. Now, when I first got this palette as a gift. special thank to my mother, I was kind of spectacle if this palette was going to give me flawlessness and of course pigmentation. My mother was even worried if I would like the palette or not. First off, I was already excited because it was makeup, but when I swatch the entire palette, I became even more excited. The colors showed beautifully on my skin complexion and the pigmentation came through drippin'; lot's of pigmentation!

The Getaway eyeshadow palette contains 7 creamy shimmery shades and 5 matte shades. I seriously don't know where to begin. Okay, this palette serves as a go to, as named, getaway palette. I can definitely carry this palette with me anywhere and create a variety of natural, settle, or dramatic looks. I love how this palette can be used all year around because of the neutral colors presented in this palette. I didn't apply a light concealer on my eyelids before I applied the eyeshadows because I love when color blend into my complexion and these shades showed true to color on my eyelids. I didn't experience fall out while applying the eyeshadows. I am beyond obsess with each shade, down to the lightest shade. I feel as though this palette can be used on every skin tone/complexion. I really love this palette. It also comes with a double sided flat brush which was perfect for applying shades on my bottom lash line. 

What shades did I use to achieve this look?

Today, I decides to do a vertical eye shadow application.  I started of with a transition shade from my Morphe 35O2 palette because I wanted to go for an earthy tone and needed a straight brown shade. Then, I took the shades Highway, Tour, and Passport (in that order) and applied it on my lids vertically, starting with Highway, from outer lid to inner lid, ending with Passport. I extended Passport in to my tear duct areas. Lastly, I took the shades Flight, Journey, and Traveler (in that order) and applied these shades, starting with Flight, from my outer bottom lash line to my inner lash line, ending with Traveler. 

Let's just take a moment to admire the names of each shade, Very creative! I also love the packaging because it secures each shade and has a mirror. Love it!

I recommend this palette, especially if you need a good neutral travelling palette. 

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