GRWM | An Autumn Makeup Look

Hello Autumn! I’ve been patiently waiting for you to bring crisp air and a golden scenery.

The most exciting part about Fall is seeing and wearing rich, vibrant, earth- toned colors. Like come on, aren’t you guys anticipating and waiting to see the color schemes in makeup and wardrobe that are coming out this fall? It’s about about to be cozy lit.

Today, I decided to incorporate purple, yellow, red, and brown into my makeup look. The purple touch on the outskirts of my eyelids was a last minute move and I thought it was a good move because it brought the whole look together.

Fall 2018, we will be sure to see lots of vivid purples. In stores, I am starting to see lots of purple collections and shades of purple makeup. I kid you not, every time I start doing my eyeshadow look, I always gravitate towards purple shades. Like purple is staring to look sexier and sexier over the course of the years.

Well, I hope you guys enjoy this mini autumn makeup look I put together today and be sure to share your autumn looks by using #modishlynaturalistic on instagram.

Till Next Post Guys!