GRWM: Date Night Look- The Ordinary Foundation


I had to scope and cop The Ordinary Coverage Foundation from Asos. I happened to stumble across this foundation on Youtube and the hype was so real. So, let me give my thoughts. 

You ready? Okay. 

First off, I am happy I found an inexpensive foundation with a red undertone that matches my skin complexion. When I, tell you guys I am red...I am red; especially during the winter season. I tried so many foundations, staying on the inexpensive end, and all where too yellow, too orange, or too grey. This foundation blends very well. I don't have to bring much foundation down to my neck area. It's a light to medium coverage which I love. In a previous post, I raved about the Clinique Beyond Perfecting 2 in 1 Foundation, but came to realize that full coverage foundations makes me look like a complete clown. It takes away from my natural beauty and washes all my beautiful features away. But, if i happen to get back into full coverage foundation, kinda doubt it,  the Beyond Perfecting will be my go to;).

I am a very huge fan of light to medium coverage foundation because I am all about enhancing our beautiful features. I really feel that The Ordinary Coverage Foundation does just that. It's lightweight and build-able and no matter how much you pack on, it won't turn you into something other than you or make you look cakey. The foundation gives a smooth, natural skin- like finish and suits my dry skin. 

I was thinking of a con for this product but couldn't think of any. I guess the only thing I could say is it's a little runny...just a little...

So, I recommend this flawless foundation. I give it a thumbs up and girl if you haven't you need to. This foundation is everything.

ONLY $ Asos....

Alright now...

My Beautiful People....

Till Next Time.



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