Happy Mother's Day | A Note to Mom | Makeup of the Day | LA Girl Iced Pigment Powder

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mommies in the World.
Your constant love, strong support, and overwhelming hard work is celebrated not only today, but everyday. Today is a day dedicated to you to let you all know how much you are truly appreciated.
To my mom, I love you and will love you for and always. You taught me to me to be independent, strong, and beautiful. You are always there for me no matter what. You stepped out of your sunny skies and walked with me under my dark clouds. When my moment comes, I’ll have it all, we will have it all. Remember the world is yours and the sky is the limit. Reach far.
Forever my Love. Happy Mother’s Day!
— Nadria

Today's makeup look incorporates L. A Colors Iced Pigment Powder. I went to the beauty supply store yesterday and came across these little cute containers of pigment powder. I just love the packaging of it. I picked up the shades Twinkle (Teal) and Glitz (Pink) and used these two shades in my makeup look for today. They are very pigmented and found that the best way to used these powders is to mix it with a setting spray to get a creamy consistency in order for it to apply smoothly. You can also use it without the setting spray, but there will be lots of fall out when applying it. 
Overall, I love it and hope to pick up more colors. These pigment powders gave me the perfect mother's day look. 
Happy Mother's Day!


Shade: Twinkle


Shade: Glitz