How To Get Dewy Skin Using Your Foundations | Natural Dewy Makeup look


So, where did spring go this year? We basically went from winter to summer weather. But, who's complaining? 

During the warm weather, our skin glistens, becoming one with the sun. Our foundation routine is changing, adding more products with sheen, glow, and warmth. For me, I am now looking for more dewy foundations and finding ways to create a satin, radiant base.  And of course, money is being spend obtaining these products or foundations. But, then, a thought stumbled across me; what if do one thing or purchase one product that I can add to my foundation to achieve a dewy base. And that ladies and gentlemen led me to the idea of mixing oil with my foundations to give me radiance and dewiness. 

Now, I don't just use any oils because I don't have time for clog pores breakouts, or looking like a ball of grease. Have you ever notice that overly oily or shiny faces look like a round greasy ball that shows the reflection of any and everything? You guys feel me. I know.

Specifically, I use almond oil. You guys, almond oil is the game changer. If you are going to mix any oils with makeup products, go for natural oils, oils with good benefits. It's like, ' why are we talking if I can't benefit from you?' or ' what's the point of working here and I can't get no benefits?'. If you are going to use something extra, make sure you get some benefits from it. 

Okay, I'm going way off topic....back to mixing oils with foundations. 
So, besides almond oil, you can also use other natural oils  that promotes healthy skin. Oils such as, 
- jojoba oil
- avocado oil
- flaxseed oil
- lavender oil, and
- rose hip seed oil (this oil will also be good for me to use because it helps with uneven pigment and acne- prone skin)

Choose an oil works best for your specific skin type. 


I chose to use almond oil (now Solutions Sweet Almond Oil) because it's very lightweight, it's a good moisturizer and it helps to prevent breakouts. Almond oil also reduce dark circle, blemishes, fine lines, and other signs of aging. 

NYX Total Control Foundation Drops (Cappuccino) + now Solutions Almond Oil

NYX Total Control Foundation Drops (Cappuccino) + now Solutions Almond Oil


I use a facial mist and a hydrating primer before applying my base and or foundation. Hydration is key.
I then apply any semi-matte to matte foundation along with almond oil (my preference) and blend that combo into my face with a beauty blender or brush. Make sure everything is blended will.

Another great thing about this combo is that you can go crazy with face powders. I saw a big difference in how my face powders melts into my skin still giving off a dewy look. 

I would recommend to use 1 to 2 drops of oil with your foundation or tinted moisturizer. 

Your skin will feel and look like skin. 

Till Next Post. 
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