How To Naturally Wear Colorful Makeup


When we hear natural makeup, we think of nudes, minimal color, and less makeup. Basically, makeup that looks like you aren't wearing makeup. It's more that that. Wearing natural makeup also means wearing makeup that fits/ blends well into your skin complexion and makeup that allows you to be comfortable in your own skin. Colors are tremendously trending throughout the beauty industry and it would suck that those who wants to wear natural makeup can't experience the many colors available. I am here to say that it's okay to incorporate colors into your natural looks. Trust me, a little while ago, I wasn't wearing no colors in my natural makeup routines because I was afraid of looking to dramatic or like a whole different me. Using color now is the best thing I done because it brings out an enhanced natural look I never knew I had. Do you see that natural beat!?!

Here are a few tips to naturally wear colorful makeup: 

Number One. My theory is "either one or the other". It's either you focus on the eyes and go minimal on the lip or focus on the face and go minimal on both eyes and lips. I love creating a beautiful eye shadow look and wearing a gloss on my lips. It gives an enhance look while perfecting my natural radiance. In my other post, I created natural looks with bold lips and skipped eye shadow or used one eyeshadow color. 

Number Two. When creating natural looks and working with color, it is best to work directly with your skin complexion/tone. Colors should fit/ blend in with your skin complexion. Everyone has different skin complexions and colors will work differently on each. Skip the part in brightening up you eyes to show the actual pigmentation and instead show the actual pigmentation when the color is applied on your skin tone. 

Number Three.  Work with colors that matches together and that transitions well into each other. In my look, I used turquoises and pinks. I stuck with those two colors; using mattes and shimmers in those two shades. 

Products Used:

The Zulu Eyeshadow Palette By Juvias Place
Maybelline Super Stay Foundation (Warm Sun & Warm Coconut)
Ardell Natural Lashes
L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara
ABH Dip Brow Pomade (Dark Brown)
Morphe Brontour (Fantabulous)
ColourPop Concealer (Dark 46) mixed with Make up Revolution Concealer (12)