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Hey Queens & Kings,

It’s of course Na’vember, a month full of modishly naturalistic looks done by me. So, this idea came about by my choc drop who suggested I do a green and black makeup look. In all honesty, he was expecting a dramatic, unique, designed look. My eyes was like excuse me, you don’t like this look (He loved it:)). I had to high - key remind him of my modishly naturalistic style that I abide by. I know he’s ready for the next level and that’s so ‘ erkingly dope’ that he supports the Nadria Taylor Brand. (Just wait to see what he got me. I’ll show ya’ll on the next post;)). But, he is absolutely right. I want to and will begin to incorporate designed eyeshadow looks into my beauty style. It’s all about manipulating it in a way I feel most comfortable.

So, choc drop… I gotchu hun…

Okay, going back on topic. I created this Matte Money Green Eyeshadow look with intentions of having a semi dark transitional shade with a deep green shade all over my lids, bottom lash lines, and tear duct areas. I used my Box of Crayons Eyeshadow Palette By The Crayon Case to create this look. I used 3 shades (tan, black, and green). Ya’ll already know from my review post of the Box of Crayons Palette that this palette is super pigmented, rich, and vibrant. I love using this palette as a go to because it has all the basic colors and can be used on any occasion.

I started with the color tan and worked that shade above and into my crease areas. I used the same brush (Morphe 505) and buff the color black in my creases. At one point, the black became too overpowering, so I mixed some tan with the black to have a smooth transition from light to dark. Then, BOOM (MONEY)… I took the color green and packed it on my eyelids.

Tip: I used a small, pointed, dense brush to pack on the green in order to have control and keep the green color on my lids only.


Hope you loved this Matte Money Green Look and I would love to see your creation of a Matte Money Green Makeup Look. Use #modishlynaturalistic.


See Y’all In The Next Post:)

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