Orange Vibes | Bronze Spring Makeup

ISSA orange lip!

Girl!, orange is my new favorite color. I can't believe orange matches with my skin complexion so well!

I am using the Maybellibe Vivid Matte Liquid in the color Orange Obsession. With this lip color, I wanted to do a bronzy, orangy look. 

For foundation, I used my NYX Total Control Drop Foundation in the shade Cappuccino to brighten up my face and give me a light coverage. I then went insane, on purpose, with the CoverGirl Queen Ebony Bronzer, my favorite, go-to bronzer. On my eye crease, I love to choose one color from my eyeshadow palettes to place on my upper and lower eye lids and with that specific color, I place it darker in certain areas on my eyelids and lighter on other places on my eyelids. I hope that makes sense. So, for this look, I used the color stone fox from my Morphe 9C Jewel Crew Palette and applied that color heavily under my brow bone, lightly under my eyebrow, and lightly on my crease area. I also dusted the stone fox color on my lower lash line. 

Okay, That was a mouth full. But, I believe in you guys that you understood the way I most often use and apply my eye shadows. 

So, all in all, this is how I achieved this bronzy, natural look.

Call me your Orange Obsession! Haha!

Unit till next time!. 

IMG_6958.JPG  Price: $7.99  Color; Orange Obsession

Price: $7.99

Color; Orange Obsession