GRWM: Golden Natural Look- e.l.f Bronzer


e.l.f Bronzer

So, real quick....

I purchased the e.l.f bronzer online at in the shade deep. As I mentioned before, my skin undertone is red, like really red. It's a struggle getting certain products to match my skin tone. Most products make me look either too orange or too grey (washed out). I just love products that are red because it blends well into my skin and this bronzer, in the shade deep, does just that, giving me a warm, sun-kissed natural look. There are also other shades, other than the one I mentioned, that may match well to your skin complexion. So, if you are looking for a natural enhancement to elevate your skin, I would highly recommend that you purchase this bronzer in your shade at or at your local drugstore. 

And it's only $2, really inexpensive.