Simple Makeup Look | Maybelline Fit Me Foundation | Dewy Winter Foundation


I am here serving you guys with a simple makeup look. My simple makeup look consist of natural colors and shades with a bump of highlight to bring forth my natural undertones and melanin. The foundation I am using is the Maybelline Fit Me Dewy Foundation; keeping it simple..right?   
When I think of a dewy, vibrant, flawless, skin finished look, I think of this particular foundation to give me just the exact. While I was applying this foundation, I felt so guilty. How could I abandon this precious product for so long?  I forgot how close we use to be. We always had each others back. After spending sometime together, reminded each other that we will never, ever drift apart. 

Yes Yes Yes! That's my best friend.

Y'all this foundation does wonders. As I mentioned several times before, I have dry skin, especially in the winter time. I live for dewy foundations. I don't have to moisture my skin to the 10th power or worry about dry spots appearing through my foundation. This foundation helps my dry areas and there's no conditions for using this foundation. Like some foundations, you have to really moisturize your skin or use a really good primer before applying. I just use my Beauty Amplifier from Sephora in my t-zone areas to give me a more luminous finish and my Maybelline Master Primer By Face Studios to reduce fine lines in certain areas. I of course lightly moisturize with my Aloe Vera gel.  And guess what....I can be like everyone else and go crazy with the loose face powders without them giving me a dry finished look. So pumped! This is definitively one of my go to foundations for this cold, cold weather. It hydrates, soften, and smooths my skin texture (i know y'all see me breaking out at the moment; such a sad moment). The Maybelline Dewy Foundation is very lightweight and build-able, creating a seamless finish.  Until the cold weather breaks apart, you guys will be seeing this foundation often. 

So if you haven't already, try this amazing, flawless, inexpensive Maybelline Fit Me Foundation. I only paid $7.79 from CVS. The Maybelline Fit Me Foundation also have a Matte Finish Line for those with normal to oily skin;  A fit for everyone!

Till Next Time, 

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