What Is Your Beauty Style? | How To Discover Your Beauty Style

Certain things make us comfortable, while other things make us uncomfortable. Those things that are comfortable to us and pushes us to bring out our confidence defines our style. Our style simply means the manner or appearance in which we feel most comfortable in or how we design ourselves to feel confident, comfortable, and expressive. There are so many trends going on that causes us to want to be apart of it all. We can of course adapt to these trends but it is important to incorporate the trends in to your own, personal beauty style, the style you feel most comfortable in. It's so much easier knowing our beauty style because it defines our uniquely difference and helps us to portray ourselves to the world.  

Our beauty style consist of three words. One word should describe the extent of your beauty. For example, is your style natural, dramatic, fun, colorful or chic. The second word describes the state of your beauty style whether you are modish, keeping up with trends, or preserved, staying the same or true to a specific trend. The final word describes your purpose or reason for your style. For example, is your style uplifting, inspiring happiness, or informative, providing information. 

My beauty style is naturalistic, modish, and uplifting. I love to simply enhance features while keeping up with current trends. The purpose behind my style is to uplift others to have a physical and mental ease in their own skin and style. This means that whatever looks you wear or enhancement you get, it should make you feel good and comfortable. 

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