Those Personalities


You enter in to the world of your artistic field and begin to meet others who share the same artistic skills as you. Soon you realize you will have to be around all these personalities and self-titled artists. 

No way is this a bad thing, but it is something you need to adapt to and learn to take control of your purpose while being around different personalities. It can be fun hanging around a few artist who are completely opposite of you or it may be a stressful situation. But no matter what, learn to adapt into your environment, make your skills the center of attention and be prepared to work around others who personality may interest you or make you have a few drinks after work (for those over the age 21). 

Here are a couple personalities/ self-titled artist you may work around or encounter. 

    This person will be secluded from everyone and will be demanding things nonstop. If something is uncomfortable to them or if something doesn't go there way, they are quick to point fingers and tell management or even corporate; and maybe the president of the United States. They would make sure you get in trouble for whatever thing you do wrong according to them.
    This artist will do as their titles says. They will keep it a 100% with you, whether it will hurt your feelings or prevent from getting hurt. You will easily open up to this person, especially if you are shy or the new person in town. They will make you laugh and make your day run by smooth. Each time you walk pass them in the work place, you receive positive vibes and a reboot of energy. Stick around them. This artist will be your entertainer and fly on the wall.
    You will constantly hear how many years this person been in the industry and will give you so much unwanted criticism and feedback. They will most likely be the oldest artist in the building. This artist wants No New Friends and will stick to those they been around the longest. They will ask a few question here and there to test your knowledge and throw in some unwanted feedback. Watch out, they will real smooth slide in some slick comments like it's their second job to do so. They try so hard to be cool when really, they stuck in the 1900's.
    This artist may also be your go to person who will help you out along they way. When you get close to them, they will talk your head off; giving you advice, teaching you things you already know, and talk about other artists' bad habits. But, don't get me wrong, you may need that knowledge refresher. This artist put their clients first and will easily entertain and please their clients. So, watch how this person operates because they are very smart in each move they make. They observe first then execute. 
    There's not much to say. Just watch how they operate. They make that money honey!
    This artist is also about their money. They are attractive, dress nice, and do what they want. They got their favorites and will only stick to their favorites. Fun to be around and convince the world to be great like them. Nothing is ever enough for them. Their style is so different and others, deep down, want to be like them but swear to the bone they don't. Lies.

Trust me, there are more where those came from. But, those are just a few personalities you will come across. Don't be bothered, just know how to connect with people, and work with your skills. At the end of the day, it's all giggles and laughs and of course about the money.