Your Brand, Your Business, Your Trend

I find this concept to be very important in everyone's career life. I am going to give my very best in explaining what I mean by Your Brand, Your Business, Your Trend.

Let me start of by typing the word myself. Installing the word myself in your mind and utilizing this word in everything you do will only create success, recognition, fame, and wealth. 

I, myself.

In everything you do, you are to put yourself into it, put your personality into it, and put your values into it. If you don't, it is not yours. Put your whole being into your brand and or business and then it will become your trend that everyone will follow. See, people love different. They love to see new products being invented or new clothing designs come out each season. And you, yourself, are different from everyone in this world, you will never find someone like you. You may find others who share the same interest as you, but never someone who have your qualities, your mindset, your goal, and your life's step by step plan. Just imagine putting your unique, different being into a business or brand. You will then have created a trend that others will follow because it's something they never seen before and its different. And listen to this. If someone tries to replicate your trend, they will fail in a matter of time. They will get stuck and wouldn't know what else to put in the business for it to grow. If you are creating something that you are not putting yourself into, you will get stuck and will begin to produce unbelievable, same, boring things which will steer your clients away. 

I love how Rihanna took her beliefs in what she thinks a makeup brand should center around or should have and created a successful make up line. We constantly come across make up brands who don't carry shades for everyone's skin tone or who don't put enough product for the amount of money they are selling it for. Very smart woman. Her make up brand Fenty Beauty carries 40 shades of foundation, have a great amount of product, very pigmented, and is cheaper than other high end, famous make up brands who lack quality and quantity. Although there are so many make up lines, Rihanna still came out with Fenty Beauty and won because she installed herself, her personality andher beliefs in to her very own brand. Therefore, her line is trending and lots of people are now using it because it's different, something never seen before. 

I remember in High school and college, I made A's in all my English classes. One teacher in High School told me one thing and it followed me through my High school English classes to my College English classes. That one teacher told me to incorporate myself, my life experiences, into whatever I am writing. This will make your writing believable, and keep the audience engaged, wanting to read more. This one paper, I wrote about Love vs. Infatuation. I wrote the whole paper explaining what it was. I was basically copying from Google, trying to give a clear difference between the two. After, I was done, I read over my assignment and was like, WOW! this look like something I copied and paste from Google. So, I tossed it and rewrote my paper, this time, adding life experiences. I told it all and that's what you have to do. Put your whole life into it. No one will have your story and no one has the same exact life experiences, values, and life plan as you. Set your business and brand apart by installing you into it. Here's my English assignment. Try not to laugh...even though I laugh every time I read this....


Nadria Taylor
ENG 101: Midterm Exam
Compare and Contrast
Professor Petro
Fall 2011

Infatuation vs. Love

When a feeling or emotion for an individual begins to develop, how does one know if it is love
or infatuation? Most people often confuse infatuation with love by telling an individual they
love them when really there’s no love present. Personally, individuals don’t know what the
emotion really is until they are half way down the road in their relationship. All in all,
Infatuation and love is very different in many ways and also similar in a few ways.
One warm afternoon while standing at the bus stop waiting for my bus, a young man
from my RD 099 class came up to where I was standing. He introduce himself to me and told
me he constantly wanted to speak to me, but I looked like I was a mean person because I tend
to always have a frown on my face. The guy and I began to talk about are RD 099 class and
about the homework given to us by our professor. Shortly, we realized we lived in the same
complex. Often myself and the guy from my reading class hung out and he would express how
he felt about me. I then began to develop an emotion towards him, a feeling that was so strong
that I couldn’t explain how I obtained it. I constantly wanted to be in his presence and thought
he was the perfect individual. So, as a result, we began to date. Later, as time progress, I
thought long and hard about this relationship we had going on and began to suspect if I was
growing to love him. Soon, I came to conclude that I had a feeling of infatuation towards the
guy that stroked my attention at that warm afternoon at the bus stop. Infatuation is a deep
liking or emotion for an individual. The person tends to ignore the flaws in an individual and
think nothing of their wrong doings. The person is attracted only by their personal appearance.
When being in a relationship containing infatuation, if there is no sexual excitement or social
outgoings, the relationship becomes boring. Also, within that relationship, the person who has
the feeling of infatuation will become upset if they ever think, for a second, the person is not
feeling the same way or doesn’t show enough attention towards them. This can develop to a
sign of insecurity. Having an emotion of infatuation, the person continuously wants to be
around the individual they have the feeling towards. In my situation, every free time I get, I
wanted to be around the guy in my reading class and I wasn’t able to be around him, deep
inside, I felt disappointed. Being in the relationship, there was no sense of commitment. I was
carried away without having no purpose or reason why I felt the way I felt about him. All in all,
infatuation is a short, meaningless, intense sensation that comes out of nowhere for an
individual and developed by their physical appearance or just by being around them.
Love, on the other hand is an intense affection towards someone. It is deep and
unending. It is mutual on an interpersonal and sexual relationship

Although infatuation and love differ in numerous ways, they can also be similar in few means.
In 2009, I met a handsome guy from Chesapeake, Virginia. At first, starting out, we didn’t take
each other seriously. I had a penchant for him. His looks were attractive and his accent was so
adorable. The distance between each other was a long commute and the only way we can talk
was through phone and texting. At first, we were friends, but then later we made it official.
This amazing man and I were off and on, in and out of our relationship as a couple. In the
beginning, I liked him so much. I thought nothing wrong of him. He was constantly running
through my mind and made me feel good about myself. As time went on, I began to see that he
wasn’t all that perfect, that there were things about him that I wasn’t sure about. By depicting
imperfections out of him, I realized that I care about him so much that I was willing to accept
his flaws no matter what and I loved him like he was a part of my family. Like my situation,
some people start out with an individual with a feeling of infatuation. Later, they might either
grow to love the individual or break off from the being. Both, love and infatuation are strong
emotional states towards someone. It’s like imagining and then waking up to reality. In my
situation, I thought it was a fairy tale in the beginning, but soon, we both, the guy from VA and
I, realize that it’s time to become serious and think through what we really want. He and I came
to acknowledge that we both wanted to be with each other and work out whatever we need
help on such as our disagreements. In both situations, infatuation and love, an individual enjoys
being around the person they are attracted to, feels a close bond with the person, cares about
the being, gives time out their life to cherish moments with the person, and is committed to
making each other happy. Infatuation and love can easily be mistaken for each other because
when a person develops feelings, the same symptoms in love can be experienced in infatuation.
Therefore, infatuation and love are alike and have to be carefully examined and thought
through in order for a person to distinguish which one they are really undergoing.
Infatuation can be a powerful emotion that can be called love or it can be great feelings
that can lead to love. Depending on the time a person is with an individual can determine if its
love or infatuation. Being in a relationship with a feeling of infatuation, it wouldn’t last because
either both individuals will become bored because there’s no intense excitement, such as
sexual emotion, or the strong liking fades away. Being in a relationship in which each person
loves each other tends to last for a long time. Both individuals are committed, and patient,
towards one another.

Everybody will win. 

How about creating a YouTube channel. Yes, you see lot's of people talking about the same thing and doing the same challenges. But, who cares. If you do the same exact thing, but add your personality and self being into, you will build an audience who will love your work because it's different, something never seen before. 

This world have close to everything. It is your duty to take an idea that already exist and make it your own.