Don't Be Afraid to Know Your Worth


I quit and then I knew my worth.

It all made sense to me that if I believe and am 99.9% sure that I don't belong in something or I shouldn't do something. I should quit it. 

You guys, I quit. No longer did I feel obligated to do or take something others recommended or offered me. 

So, let me fill your cup up with some tea or whatever.

I quit my job as a salon assistance. Yep, I said it. It took me two weeks to write this post and I finally grew some confidence to tell y'all. No way am I bragging or think it's a joke. Never crossed my mind. But, what did cross my mind is the fact that I am noticing that my self- esteem and confidence is rising and it feels amazing. 

From my previous post Discouragement: Lost of Hope, I stressed how I started my job as a salon assistant straight out of Cosmetology school. I was kind of all over the place because I felt like I should step out my comfort zone and explore the hair industry in every aspect. Some people feel obligated to work as an assistant or front desk receptionist to get their feet into the industry. I felt like I wanted to take a leap of faith, but I ended up applying to a salon as a salon assistant. I got the job and proceeded to assist many hairstylist under the same roof. 

Let me tell you guys that I wasn't happy there and didn't look forward to going there each day. Since day one, other salon assistance told me bad things about working their, like they gave me the deep down caffeinated tea about working there. It spooked me and as days when on I would pay close attention and began to see those things the salon assistants were telling me. Now, let me be real, I did put what they told me in the back of my mind, and scoped things out for myself with a clear "front" mind. Now, with my own mind, I saw so much. There was gossiping, whining, bad attitudes, selfishness and so on. I couldn't see myself growing in that salon. I was the oldest salon assistant and I knew better. A few hairstylist and salon assistants  looked and treated me like being a salon assistant was just a job for me. Some would ask me if I'm staying to get some hours in or talk about how many hours I'm getting for the week or did I get good tips for the day.  Like really. I careless about the money, my main purpose was to learn as much as I can to grow into a Hairstylist. Following that, most hairstylist, mostly everyone, didn't believe in me enough to help me. No lie, my first two weeks there was kind of a diamond in the rough because I was transitioning myself from a school setting to a salon setting. So, many hairstylist saw the rough transitioning and basically hit and quit me; I didn't get it right the first time, so they didn't want to use me again. As time went on, I was treated like a last resort and I really started to feel it. They would walk pass me to tell another salon assistant to shampoo there client. If that salon assistant was occupied they would then make a u-turn and ask if I could shampoo their client. I felt my skin becoming tough; tough skin. 

It was so much more, but I won't bore you guys with it. 

As days went on in the salon, I began to think long in hard about what I want, my purpose, and my worth. I knew I didn't belong there and I realized the route I wanted to take in the hair industry. I knew I wanted to learn more.

I am very thankful for my experience there and thankful for learning so much by watching hairstylists and their amazing techniques.  

Now, it's time for me to value my worth. 

Knowing what you deserve, knowing the respect that should be given to you and knowing your place on this earth is knowing your worth. 

You may experience something in your life that will have you step back and begin to reevaluate your worth. 

Till next time,