Let Go Of Fear and Create

Becoming an artist means letting go of fear and bringing out your creativeness. We all experienced a moment where we held back our true selves and lack the confidence to create. Some of us are going through it right now at this very moment.
For me.....
I am in the beginning stages of being a hairstylist. I see my creativity but unable to fully celebrate it because of some fear. I do a great job at my work while in fear. After I'm done, I realize all that fear was so uncalled for because at the end, I created a masterpiece, not to toot my own horn--toot toot (I'm corny). I know for fact I am better than I was the day before. With more experience, relationship building, and confidence, I know for sure I will be on top in the hair industry; No fear in that comment:)

I also hear a lot that knowledge cancels out fear and that is so true. I always said that anyone can do hair or makeup. But, what sets a true hairstylist or makeup artist apart from anyone is knowledge and understanding the foundation of it all. See, when you know what your're doing and why you are doing it, fear will be gone. Afraid of what? You already know your stuff. In hair school, everyone wanted to do hair, so anxious to get a client. I was the one who was into the books and the knowledge of hair. I wanted to know when and how to do this haircut or when to use this highlight technique. Then, when I would receive a ticket for a client, my confidence would shoot up. Receiving good and honest compliments from my clients gives me the fuel I need to prosper as a hairstylist. Quick story.....
When I began my journey as a hairstylist, starting out in my core class, my blow drying sucked so bad. I started telling myself that I hate blow drying and I never want to do blow drying when I start doing clients hair. At that time, I sat there and said to myself that no one would get blow drys; it's not even that popular. When I got on the salon clinic floor, I received a huge surprise, each and every client wanted a blowout. The ones that didn't want a blow dry were those who didn't have much time and if they did had time, they would have gotten a blow dry. My negative thoughts and sayings about blow drying shown through my work. 
One day, I got this client who was so picky about her hair and the way she wanted her blowouts. I freaked out and totally screwed up on her hair. 
When I tell you from that day forward my blow drys been on point......it's been on POINT. I went home that day of my blow dry screw up and studied blow drying techniques. I watched YouTube, studied my skill cards, researched product; I was so focused on mastering blow drying and doing the perfect blow out. Each and every day, my blow drys became better and better till the point I had clients re book with me or request my services. Till this day, I continue to study blow drying techniques. My fear for blow drying went away. I know my stuff now. I love doing blow outs on my clients and convincing others to get a blow out after a cut or color service. 

Don't just do it and create the fear, no why to prevent the fear. 

With that being said, don't be afraid to create. Everyone has their own uniqueness and it will be cherish overtime. Bring out the best in you. It's there. 

Tell me about your experience in having fear as an artist. 

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