Going After My Passion

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My passion: Hair and Beauty; the ability to create art with hair and beauty......just amazing!

After high school, I went straight to community college. I spent two and a half years there then transferred to a University. Once there, my passion from deep within began to surface.

Now let's rewind some.

Hair was always big to me. I did my sisters and mom hair any chance I get. They would get frustrated with me because I always wanted to touch their hair. Besides that, I started doing my own hair at a young age. My mother use to put two ponytails in my hair or braid my hair in extensions nonstop. I got so tired of the same look that one day I told her listen, this is not going to work out anymore. I appreciate your time and effort but I can take over my hair now. She was okay with that (Thank God). Every once in a while I will ask her to help me put extensions in my hair. She then would give me the expression, "oh now you need me".

Fast- forward...

I was in my first year at University of Maryland when I told my best friend to come with me to look at Beauty Academies. I came across one that seem interesting online......ONLINE. When I arrived there, I had to think twice at really pursuing my passion. The school was unprofessional and if you know me, I don't do unprofessional or lack of maturity settings. I love to be in a well conducted classroom to ensure that I am receiving the best education. That's why I hated high school. The only way to make sense of it was to keep myself in Honor Roll and AP classes.

Okay, so back on topic....

So I got to the school and spoke with the schools "enrollment counselor". I was telling her about my passion and experience. She ask me what I was doing at the moment and told me to stick with it and come back when I’m done at Maryland to pursue my passion. WHAT! That's it! So, Of course, I began to wonder if I’m going crazy or if I’m going through a quick phase. I continued at Maryland. I decided to just do hair on the side to build a portfolio or something. I went on Amazon to look for hair tools and came across these Paul Mitchell flat irons that I really wanted. I told my boyfriend about it and made it a goal to get those flat irons. But, on the other hand, I tried my best to focus in school. At the end of the day, my grades were slacking. I didn't feel right. I felt as if I was living a robotic life. I spoke to my boyfriend about my passion and what I really wanted to do. The end of my first semester there, I ended up being on Academic probation because my interest at the University began to decline.

Side note...

My family wanted me to go to University of Maryland. I was the first one out my family to attend that school. So, working hard to get accepted in Maryland was proving to my family that I can do it. I walked into the school not knowing what I wanted. I switched my major three times.....now you know something was wrong. 


My boyfriend now knowing my passion, one day he told me to meet him at Twin brook Station. I said of course (I’m always anxious to be around him). So as we were walking away from the station, he pointed to a building that said Hair Expression, A Paul Mitchell Partner School. My eyes grew big. The fact that he knew I did my research on this guy named Paul Mitchell because of some flat irons I came across and the fact that he listened made me dreamed for my passion all over again. He is such a great man and supporter. This wonderful man is a photographer and pushes out his passion in each picture he captures. Okay, so, enough about my good guy. I spoke with the school enrollment manager and within 4 months, I was walking in to my first day of class. 

From then on, I came to school each and every day. As of today, I have 2 months left until I graduate and test for my license! So excited because I have big plans and ideas. 

Side note...

Within those 4 months, my family and I went through adversities. We were evicted. I, my mom and two sisters were forced to live with my aunt and her two children in a one bedroom apartment. Traveling to school wasn't easy. I worked overnight, so from work to my aunt house then to school that day was difficult. Lack of sleep, privacy, and relaxation. But, I was excited to go to hair school each day because it made me forget about everything. Touching those mannequin heads freed my mind from what was going on in my life outside those school doors. I made it to school each and every day on time.
I would see so many of my colleagues miss days because they were tired or had a stomach ache. Trust me, I had days I was really sick to the point my knees where shacking. I still attended even if I had to sit down every 20 mins

If you really want something, you will find a way.

Within a couple of months after starting school, my boyfriend and I moved into to our basement apartment and got a car to make traveling more efficient. My mom and sisters moved into a spacious apartment. GOD IS AMAZING! 

Go after your passion. There will be setbacks. At the end you will be on top!

With that being said, 

Elevate your beauty and brighten your days!