I can taste it!

At this moment, I can proudly say that I am 2 weeks from graduating cosmetology school.

Now the big question is what I will do next. 

I hear this question each and every day. My response is....still looking. To be honest, I am overwhelmed at the many options the hair industry has to offer. A part of me want to work by myself right away. But, we all know that is not a smart move. I have to build clients and continue educating myself. There is so much to do. 

Currently working over night at the front desk allowed me to map out my career choices and goal. When I tell y'all the map out looks beautiful...trust me. Of course, within the next month I want to.... I mean I will be working in shadowing in a salon (working after I receive my license), building my portfolio, and reaping and sowing my brand. I know some people look at me and wonder why I'm not working in a salon at the moment and the truth is I thought about it and I thought about it. And truth is, I worked and study so hard in Cosmetology school to be the best I can be. I don't want to apply at a salon and be stuck at the front desk. I would rather much shadow a hairstylist all day, clean up behind them and learn what it takes to be a successful hairstylist. 

So, why am I not doing that now? Well, working and going to school takes up my entire day. But, I am lucky to have such great learning leaders at school who are willing to answer each and every question I have and help me with all my services I do at the school. 

Also, I am already working front desk at an apartment building and been doing that for quite some time. I believe the skills I developed should be nourished, fed, and quenched. It needs to grow, I need to grow.

At the meantime, I am still taking as much clients as possible in school and mapping out my short and long term goals. I have some awesome ideas coming soon and huge goal to make myself known. 

So with that being said...Thank you for being a part of Toast to Hair and my journey. 


Don't be afraid to put yourself on the correct level. If you think you should be working at a front desk first, go for it. If you think you should be learning to execute, go for that. 

Toast to hair


Toast to you on your journey and for coming this far in your industry.