Discouragement: Lost of Hope


I honestly couldn't sleep last night. I stayed up, thinking about where I want to go next and how will I get there. I started to think the worst and to think varies possibilities. 
Uncontrollable tears started falling. Was these tears of discouragement? 

In beauty school, the main phrase you will hear over and over again is don't be discourage, especially after graduating Cosmetology schoolI really paid no attention to it because I was doing really well, being in the advance program and being loved by all clients. When the time came closer for me to graduate Cosmetology school, I started to think about the don't be discourage saying and wonder if that will apply to me. Well, let me be the first to tell you that the don't be discourage saying applies to everyone. At some point in your life when pursuing your passion, you will begin to ponder whether or not you are made to be in the industry you are pursing or begin to doubt your ability to be successful. 

After graduating beauty school or whichever school, no one cares if you did very well or if you was the top future professional in your class. Once you leave out those school doors, for real, you have to work hard to make others believe in you and work your way up in the industry. I know most of y’all have heard 'there's levels to this'...well that is very true when being an artist.  Going through a phase of discouragement, you wonder if people will ever believe in you or ever see how talented you are or will be. Being an Artist is tough, sometimes, because you have to convince people to be a part of your creative world and make them believe you are adept at what you do. I really thought that my great experience in beauty school will carry over to me having a better experience working and assisting in a salon. I was completely wrong. 

So I did it you guys!! I started in a corporate chain salon. That was very smart of me to do because I still will be going through training to better my skills as a hairstylist. Now, the big spill about it is working as an assistant to many hairstylist under one roof. So many personalities, expectations, and criticisms. I had to really buckle down, get my mind right, and develop tough skin. If you don't know how to do something correctly, everyone will let it be known by speaking their minds or will completely not ask you to do anything for them. I completely understand; it's salon reality but coming out of beauty school should be taken into consideration especially if one of the goal in corporate salon is to educate. Now, that only pertain to a few or maybe one hairstylist but majority of them give chances and opportunity for growth. A few will actually take you up under their wing and teach you as much as they can. That I love! 

My so far experience has been an emotional roller coaster but at the same time I am learning so much about myself. I am starting to find my purpose in the hair industry and my unique strengths. Why am I assisting in a salon? Will this experience set me up for my future career? And one last question, the million dollar question; Does working as a salon assistant inspire me?

I honestly thought about it and realized that salon assisting is a great experience for a little while. Coming out of beauty school, I was told by a few individuals to assist in a salon and I listened to them like a big dummy AND the ONLY reason why I listened to them is because that was the safer, less risky route. The ones who knew my weakness in the ability to have strong confidence advise me to turn my dreams in to reality, be a personal assistant to one individual, and to continue being great in the hair industry. Those are risk that will build me and create my success.  But let's just say, some people are not meant to be salon assistance, especially to many hairstylist. Some are meant to be a personal assistant to one hairstylist or meant to go out into the world and build relationships or focus on your unique strength within the industry; for me, the hair industry. 

I am getting older and much wiser and have to push myself to do things outside the box. I am so use to being on the safe side and being on that side is lowering my confidence and self- esteem. If I want to have big confidence, I must take big risks and opportunities. 

Now it's time for me to evaluate, take some steps backwards, and find my path. I know for sure I walked right pass my turn to wealthy success. 

I encourage you guys to discover your strengths, know your worth, and your values. Be around those who inspire you to accomplish your reality. 

With that being said, 

elevate your beauty and brighten your days!