I Graduated Cosmetology School

On Tuesday, August 01, 2017, I completed 1500 hours of training at Hair Expression, A Paul Mitchell Partner School. 

Being there was a great experience. I met friends, great mentors, and special guest hairstylists. 

With that being said, let's do the run down of going to a Cosmetology school. 

Having a platform to help you advance as a hairstylist is amazing. Some people don't realize that a beauty school is a platform for you to excel in any area you want growth in. It can be hair, makeup, or nails. Many people go there and expect for everything to be handed to them and for every single thing to be taught to them straightforward. 
First and foremost, beauty school only teaches you the basics. With the basics you have learned, you are then able to build off it and expand it with your creativity. And second, study your books. Knowledge takes away fear. Knowing the foundation, history, and chemistry of hair will take away fear when it's time to work on clients. 

My advice is to utilize the beauty school platform by asking a lot of questions and making your mistakes. 

I learned to hang around those with the same mindset as you or with the same goal as you. Negative energy is contagious and will steer you a way from your goals and ambition.

The second thing I learned is to never say 'i can't' or 'i don't want to'. I think this is the most quintessential thing I have learned. If a leader ask you to do a men's haircut and you know that's your weakness or you just hate it because you suck at it, don't turn it down. Accept it and be open to make mistakes. Beauty school is a platform to help you get over fear and teach you things that are uncomfortable to you. I remember one day a guest asked me do I know how to do flat twist. In my mind, I was like ....ummm ...no. But, to her I said yes. I excused myself for 2 minutes, grabbed my phone and googled flat twist. It then came to me that I've done flat twist before on my own hair, just not on other's hair. So, I went back to my guest, relaxed her hair, then began to flat twist her hair. Now, the first flat twist took 5 minutes to complete, but, after that, I was rolling. Other students came by and was amazed by it. At the end, my client was very happy with the results and tipped me $20. 

From my experience and research, I recommend beauty school. It's faster and thorough. You learn so much and their is room to ask many questions. Although being in an apprenticeship program allows you to get paid, I believe that you wouldn't be about to grasp the foundation of hair and all the basics of cosmetology. You will see advance techniques and wouldn't know why the hair is being cut a certain way or why this color was mixed with that color. Apprenticeship will be good for knowing the business side of the hair industry. 

Well, those are the important things I took from attending a hair school.

If your passion is to be a Cosmetologist, please look around for beauty schools and visit a few you might be interested in. Ask questions and put your all into it. 

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