I am ugly without makeup


We’ve been messaging.

No, we haven’t seen each other face to face or talked on the phone.

Social media messages turned into to text messages…

If I am not mistaken, it was the second day of texting and I was asked something like… do I always wear makeup or it was something like… do I show my natural face. I laughed to myself and texted back , “my natural face is my best face.” I was shocked I was asked that. If I look good enough with makeup on for you to start talking to me, does it really matter if I look good with makeup off. Do you honestly think I will turn into a frog when I take my makeup off?

So, petty ole me takes a natural face picture, post it on Instagram, and then slowly stop texting him.

These comments men make about taking a girl swimming before settling down with her or wake up the next morning with her are just so ridiculous. I never really paid attention to it because I started doing my makeup just last year and I had boyfriends before I started doing my makeup. Therefore, I knew without makeup, I am fine. But, now that I am obsess with makeup, these dudes got me like…really.

The beginning of this year. I walked away from someone. But, before I walked away I requested for him to give me back my beauty and he didn’t. So, I declared it, and it was denied. The only way to get it back was to wear makeup. I was only beautiful with makeup on.

It took me today to realize he was right. I am beautiful with makeup and ugly without makeup. Just the same as I am beautiful with my family and ugly without my family; beautiful with God and ugly without him.

Putting make up on is something l LOVE TO DO, something that makes me HAPPY, and something that brings out my CREATIVITY.


YES, I AM UGLY WITHOUT MAKEUP because without makeup I wouldn’t be expressive and happy and I would be denying myself the ability to do what I love. MAKEUP IS APART OF WHO I AM. IT’S MY PASSION. IT’S MY APART OF MY CAREER. IT’S MY LOVE. SO WITHOUT IT, I AM UGLY AND EMPTY.

According to dictionary.com, ugly is offensive to the sense of beauty. Totally disagree!! Ugly is offensive to the sense of self- neglect; neglecting yourself the power to do whatever the heck you want to do.


So, the next time somebody want to tell you how ugly you are, tell them, “I am ugly if I allow you to make me believe that I am ugly or allow you to disrupt my flow of love and happiness.”

See you guys in my next post:)