Breaking that Barrier

Over and over again I kept telling these people a lie. I didn't tell them my true identity because I was afraid of being looked as an unintelligent woman. 


I apologized to myself for doing that and now I embrace the fact that I am an Artist and I love what I am doing and will be doing. 

PEOPLE:   so what do you do
          ME:  I am in college right now; math major

Well, I was in college, but decided to go after my passion.

My nights and early morning consist of educated, business individuals. I smile and greet them and they began to carry on conversations and some how it always leads to the school topic. I look them in the face and carry on my past life as a college student. I give them this whole facade of the classes I am taking and what I will  be doing with my major. In return, I was offered so many opportunities to work in a firm or bank. Made me wonder for a few seconds if I should finish up college; I mean I don't have much finishing to do.

After those few seconds, the whole wondering went away. 

Turning into this college girl,
I felt like a plastic barbie doll.  

One man noticed the books I was reading. He came up to me and said, "so you want to have a beauty business?". I was so shook, yet amazed at the fact he didn't just say "you want to do hair". He said one of my goals and he very much saw  potential which made me very happy inside. I began to carry on and talk about my aspirations and goals. He also gave me advise and words of encouragement. 

I didn't learn. I already knew that Artists are very educated, observant, creative, and experienced. We are skillful people who know how to turn a dollar to a million. We are constantly looking for ways to reinvent the world and make it a better place. I appreciate everyone's career, especially mines. It took some soul searching and confidence to bring out the true meaning of being an Artist. 

So, what if you didn't go to college-- lookup the billionaires who didn't step foot into a college. I'll wait....
So, what if you decide that college just isn't for you. The only thing that matters is creating self happiness by doing something you love and have a passion for. 
If college is where it's at, do the very best you can and put your all into reaching the finish line and being in a career that makes you happy. 

I hope this blog post encourage you to find happiness in your career. 

With that being said, 

Elevate  your beauty and brighten your days.