Don't Let It Break Your Beauty | The power of makeup


Going through a breakup causes unexpected transitions, shifts, and decisions. Your mind begins to work overtime while your body begins to take some time off. We no longer have the mood to dress pretty or put makeup on. Instead, we are too busy thinking about bouncing back to ourselves, trying to cancel out "We" and replace it with "I", and worrying about if we would ever find true love again. 

Whether we know it or not, breakups affects are beauty. A couple of days ago, I experienced a huge breakup. This wasn't my first overwhelming breakup and I know, I should have learned my lesson the first time, but, life takes unexpected turns and I definitely wasn't ready for this turn. For a whole week, I didn't eat. I stayed in bed and cried buckets of tears.

During the 3 year relationship, I found my love for beauty. I began to invest in my dreams of entering the hair and beauty industry and developing skills to one day become my own beauty boss. When the breakup happened, I no longer felt the need to wear my brand each day, or put makeup on my face and fix my hair. I felt like I entered an empty white room where I am unable to see my dreams, goals,, and my very own beauty. The break up broke my beauty in to pieces. My eyes were puffy, my face was breaking out, and I  constantly frowning, causing unwanted lines on my face. 

Time went on and everything started to turn around. I realized I was a single, free individual who can conquer anything and take risks. My mind began to open and I was able to accept the voice of God and the accept the beauty of life. 

Earlier one day, I looked in the mirror and realized what this breakup was doing to my beauty. I thought about the steps I have taken thus far and the steps I want to take in the future. I went to my makeup bag and began to makeup my face. The power of makeup can totally lead you out of a dark place. Each day forward, I took an hr or two to apply makeup on and take pictures of myself. I learned what my makeup style is and re-branded myself, deleting my old Instagram account and creating a new one with 0 followers. If it wasn't for makeup, I wouldn't have gotten through my breakup and became a stronger individual. I am beautiful with or without makeup, but the feeling of putting makeup on is like writing your goals, dreams, talents, successes, and personalities all over your face for the world to see. Beauty, including fashion, is my way of showing self expression. Not saying that the relationship was all bad, but I was unable to reach my full potential. 

They say, "you got to stand for something or you will fall for anything." That saying is very true. You have to know your purpose and set who you are or you will become easily lost in this world. 

All in all, don't let nothing break your beauty; your very own being, accomplishments, and goals. Adversities come and go. Stay strong through it and come out stronger than ever. 

Till Next Post:)