Everyday Life as a Licensed Cosmetologist and Beauty Blogger

The most exciting day thus far was going after my passion. I dropped everything I had manually installed in my head and went after the things that came natural to me. 

I always knew I love hair, makeup, clothes and nails, basically everything beauty and fashion. Starting young I used my mom and sisters as models, dressing them up, doing their hair, and making up their faces. I also use to pretend our 1 bed room apartment was this big clothing store and I would take our toy register and ring up the long line of customers. 

Being so young, I believe it was at the age 14, I wanted a real paying job in order to buy nice clothes for myself and do my hair at the hair shops. Sadly, no one hired me because of my age so I anxiously waited till the age 16 to reapply to jobs. I got one as soon as I turned 16 and it was from then on that I invested in my beauty. 

After highschool I went to college and realized I love business management, everything about entrepreneurship and money. But, my true passion was being apart of the beauty industry. It was not till I was 23 that I dropped everything and reevaluated myself. I knew 100% that I wanted to do hair, makeup, and nails; a lot of everything. 

In 2016, I started Beauty School as a part- time student and my blog site that you are now on. In 2017, I became a Licensed Cosmetologist and as of today, I am living the life of a Cosmetologist and Beauty Blogger. 

I have the licensed and freedom to be extremely creative. Each day, there are many trends to explore and more opportunities to input my creativity in to the beauty industry. Each day I can put a smile on someone's face and seek new adventures. 

There's always work and your mind is constantly working; coming up with creative, unique, and outstanding ideas. You meet new people almost everyday and can share your designs and skills with them. 

'My everyday life as a Licensed Cosmetologist and Beauty Blogger is my everyday life as a Licensed Cosmetologist and Beauty Blogger'. It is the route that was designed for me, the route with sunny skies. It's not all peaches and creams but, it's a life I love and am willing to work hard for. 

My advice to those who wants to be part of the beauty industry is to go for it. There are lot's of rewards each step of the way. Things will not come fast or right away. It takes a lot of work. Before entering, separate your expectations from reality. Don't expect to be this big stylist, artist, or influencer right away. Be nice and most importantly, be you.

Be open to traveling and shadowing other stylists' and artists' beauty world. Be a sponge and soak up as much knowledge and skills. 

"People may not understand what I do or why I do it. All I can say is watch me because you'll never forget what I do. And one thing for sure, I am doing and living off what I love to do." 

Life is definitely what you make it!

Till Next Post:)