How To Grow Your Confidence This Spring


Hmmmm...Spring 2018....

The beginning of spring this year, well a few days before spring, I went through a tuff breakup with someone I been in relationship with for 3 years. To be honest, there were thoughts of this possibly happening because of the several arguments we've been having throughout our 3 years together. Apart of me believed that we could work it out and become this power couple, but then a big part of me was drained and wanted it to be all over with. There were things going on that made me question if I was beautiful enough, strong enough, or if I was confident in who I am. Although I did had a few accomplishments while being with him such as becoming a Licensed Cosmetologist and taking steps to live a healthier life, I still felt that I wasn't putting me first and I wasn't confident or sure of what path in life I wanted to take. I wasn't able to affirm the things I wanted or the things I deserve. In our now past relationship, I dressed  and put on makeup with no purpose. I was questioning every move I make, everything I did because I wanted him to notice me, to love me, to call me his beautiful woman, and to support my confidence.

There's no more "we" now and that's the hardest thing to process. For 3 years, it was always "we"; now it's "I" and I am happy with me,now, because writing this post today, I am confident to say that I know what I want and what I stand for. I haven't completely got it all together, but I know I am moving in the right direction. I feel it! This spring is the first spring my confidence has been bigger that ever. My confidence didn't magically flourished but, I am doing things to make this all possible for my confidence to reach for the stars. 

So, how am I growing my confidence this spring, especially after an unexpected breakup?

(Whatever you are going through that's making your confidence deteriorate, I hope you find what I am about to list useful in helping you bring your confidence to it's highest peak.)  



1. Find Your Passion

Take some time and refresh your mind. Speak out your passion and do things that lead up to you doing your passion. A few days after my breakup, I purchased a journal and till this day, I write down everything that comes to mind. I jot down my dreams, goals, and ideas. I also gave myself deadlines to accomplish things that will lead up to my future success. It is very important to stand for something and standing for something will give you the confidence you need to do what you love to do for a very long time.


2. Spring Clean

In with the new and out with the old. Get rid of old baggage and bring in the new baggage. Start a new wardrobe or refresh your beauty items. Go as far as redecorating your home or room. Develop a peaceful space for your confidence to flourish and attract the new things that will be coming your way. 


3. Travel

Take a trip by yourself or with a friend. Go out and see other parts of the world to refresh your mindset and install the confidence that you can do any and everything if you set your mind to it. Attend events related to your passion. I look for local beauty events to attend and by doing this, I am able to meet others individuals with the same passion. Building relationships with the outside world is quintessential because it gives you the confidence to be brave and seek new opportunities. 


4. Dress up & Make up

Honey, get cute! I consider all places a runway. I put makeup on and dress nice just to go to the mall or grocery store. Just the fact that you put an effort in your look for the day will boost you with confidence. You spent time on your beauty so you have no choice but to appreciate your beauty and allow others to see how beautiful you are. 


5. Affirm Everything 

Speak everything into existence. Everything you think about that is good or that you have discovered about your self, say it out loud. People may look at you as if you are going crazy, but it's okay. They will also look at you and say, "WOW!, She/ He is very confident".  That's the first thing that comes to mind when I hear loud people:)

Till Next Post! Remember to be bring out your confidence all Spring 2018.