My Definition of Beauty


Knowing we are all beautiful; nothing less.  

Beauty is you and I; our life, body, and soul. Beauty is loving yourself to the fullest and accepting every flaw and every structure. Beauty comes with having lots of confidence and not giving a damn what everyone else have that you don't or what they think you should have. Beauty is embracing that forehead that holds so much knowledge and that mole that marks you as being beautiful. Beauty is more than a face, but a body full of health, great self-esteem, and positivity. See, everyone have their own beauty so how can you look at someone and say you want what they have. Having what they have and taking away what you have will only take away from your own beauty and expand their beauty. Therefore, it is important to have your own beauty to call yours and at the end of the day, no one else could ever have your unique beauty and features all in one.

Sometimes we want to feel our beauty and express our individuality through beauty

Enhancing our beauty tells the world we are imperfectly beautiful meaning that we accept our natural beauty whether or not we have dark radiant marks or soft mature wrinkles. Enhancing our beauty shows we love our thin eyebrows enough to give it a little pop or that our cheekbones are so chubby and round that we want to highlight it to the world. Enhancing our beauty also shows self expression. Wearing red lipstick may show you are strong and bold, while wearing bright hair colors may show your artistic side. So, go ahead and wear your long extensions or get you some extra booty. It's all apart of enhancing your features and showing off your individuality. 

What makes you glow inside and outside?

Beauty involves taking care of your skin and body and giving it the necessary things it needs to glow. I believe we should master are own face and body and become our own beauty experts. People only see the outside and beauty starts from within. It should take someone else a whole year to figure out what beauty products or style works out for you, not a couple of hours. See, our skin and body is not the same everyday. You may have dry skin one day and then next week you are breaking out and have oily skin. Therefore, someone else can only determine what works for you in that moment. Be your own beauty expert and know in which moment would certain habits or products be acceptable for you. That way, you will have everything on deck when your skin or body goes through it's phases. 

That is my definition of beauty.

Elevate your beauty and brighten your days.