Our Beauty Formula


My beauty is different than your beauty. My sense of beauty is indeed unique; just like yours. When I think of beauty, I think of my hair, my face, my body, my smile and of course my personality. I also think of my purpose in the world I breathe in. My beauty resurrects and inspires those around me to revive and accept their true beauty.  All in all, my characteristics, attitudes, actions and purpose formulates my beauty.

The cool thing about my beauty is it belongs to me and no one else knows how to recreate or mimic my beauty. The only thing my beauty can do is motivate, influence, and stir up confidence in other individuals. See, my confidence level plus my personality plus my physique plus my actions equals me, Nadria. No one could ever figure or replicate my beauty formula. How can someone have the same exact hyper-pigmentation shade I have in the same areas, with the same perimeter measurements, have the same exact scar measuring the same length, or curl their hair the same  exact way, down to the frizz levels I have with the hair pointing and sticking up in the same directions. Or better yet, how can someone have the same exact body I have with the same marks in the same place or been through the same things I been through at the same exact time wearing the same outfit as me. My beauty formula was created once to fit only me. 

Our beauty formula is a formula created from birth and executed through out our lives. Your beauty formula is made up  of every mark you have, every color shade you have, every placement down to your personality, your level of confidence,  and the way you move, walk and talk. Remember beauty is our life, body, and soul. (Read my previous post My Definition of  Beauty)  We maintain our beauty formula by celebrating and elevating ourselves through life, education, career, and loving ourselves.  Our formula is will mixed and put into use when we begin to love, admire, and treasure our own beauty. It's like coming out with a lipstick formula and that formula is introduced to the world and everyone begins to love it and cherish it.  When we hate ourselves and lack the ability to see our own purpose, our beauty formula begins to formulate into something other than ourselves because we are adding unwanted symbols, words, phrases, and negative attitudes to our formula. It's like taking out the ingredient water in lipstick and adding the ingredient pentane. The lipstick will no longer be a lipstick; you will no longer be your true self.

I hope this blog post inspire everyone to use and share their beauty formula to the world around them. Whether you are an influencer or artist, don't hold back in expressing it and sharing your beauty and true selves to others. Beauty is way more than wearing makeup or dressing nice. It is our lives, our beings, our careers, our love to one another and our purpose. No one can replicate our beauty formula. Therefore, don't ever think that you can't create or do something because it has already been done.

With that being said, 

Elevate your beauty and brighten your days.