Artists or Stylists? 

Display yourself and your work so others can connect with you for your artistic or stylistic services.

Fill out the form below. Submit a profile picture or a picture of your work to display. No worries, they will see the rest of your portfolio when you guys get in touch with each other. You may also provide your social media name for others to view your portfolio on any social media platform. 

Remember, this platform is just press for you! No commitment, no personal business. 

  • Delete your profile at anytime. 
  • Update your availability or pictures anytime.
  • Use Uniform 90 for extra work, building your brand, or attracting more clientele.
  • Clients will be able to review your work and those reviews will be sent directly to you. 
  • Great News! All work is done by us; no logging in and out trying to keep up with your profile and password. Send a quick email or text message to change or update any information.

Easy right?!

At the end of the day, It's all about connecting with others in the same industry and building relationships with clients or other artists.

Whether you are new in the hair and beauty industry or been in it for a while, I encourage you to use this platform. 


How it works.

Clients will fill out a mini form. Clients will then be able to view all Artists or Stylists that falls under the criteria they are looking for.  A password will be given in order to view the Artists and Stylists. Clients will have 48 hours to view and select up to 3 profiles. Password will be inactive after 48 hours  When your profile is selected, I will contact you informing you that a client would like to work with you. You have 24 hours to respond. 
NOTE: Potential Clients may choose up to 3 artists or stylists. This will give them options in case an artist do not respond back in the allotted time frame. Therefore, please respond as soon as possible. 

For further assistance or for any questions, contact me. 

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