#Modishlynaturalistic describes my beauty style, a style that portrays the current trends and imitates my natural beauty. I am Nadria Taylor and my beauty style is naturalistic, modish, and uplifting. I specialize in creating looks that are naturalistic while incorporating the latest trends and uplifting individuals to be whoever they want to be. Some people think that being natural is wearing minimal to no makeup, wearing hair that only grows from your body, or rocking the boobs that God gave you. Well, I am here to interrupt that and show that being natural means to be comfortable; having a physical ease and happiness in your own skin. This means that whatever looks you wear or enhancement you get, it should make you feel good and comfortable. I love to try new makeup products that launches or the new hair color trending.  I do it all while imitating who I am. For example, I won't use a foundation three times lighter or darker than me or wear a hair color that makes me go unrecognized. If pink hair is the trend, I would't go dye my hair all pink. I'll put pink in my hair in ways that correlates to who I am, my lifestyle, or skin complexion. Most of all, in a way that will make me comfortable. Maybe i'll use a light shade of pink on my hair, pink highlights, or dark roots with pink hair.   You guys get it:).

To be #modishlynaturalistic is to be comfortable and happy in your own skin. 

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