Regions of Beauty Meetups

Let's relax and makeup !

Regions of Beauty Meetups is a way for the makeup community to bounce ideas off each other; learning different ways to apply makeup, uncovering different makeup products, and spreading light on ways to build our profession. Makeup can't be taught one way or with a textbook. We all have our own techniques and theories about makeup. So, why not share it and expand our makeup knowledge. At our meetups, we will discuss so many things, but most importantly shadow each other and build our creative minds. Discussions and discoveries can go from learning how to shade match to applying eyeshadow on different lid types, all the way down to uncovering our beauty styles. We will also discuss topics on how to build our beauty brand and the ups and downs in the makeup/ beauty industry. 

There's no teacher. We are the teachers. We will gather around, apply makeup on models, chit chat while applying makeup, discuss finish looks, ask questions, drink, snack, share stories/ ideas, and for the most part, have fun! 

It's basically a group of artist doing makeup in one room and having conversations. 

Each meetup will have different topic or topics. OR we can just talk about any and everything.

A photographer will be present to take pictures of finish looks and provide you with digital copies to add to your portfolio. 

Bring your makeup products . A few makeup products will be provided. 

A session will last 3- 4 hours. 

Snacks and drinks will be provided. 

There will definitely be good music vibes. 

If you are interested and would like to stay updated on our meetup dates, submit your email below.  NO SPAM! Just MEETUPS!


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